Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Once upon a time, I was a book lover who totally enjoyed the physical book that I could hold in my hand; place on a bookshelf or in a bookcase; and enjoy the ambience of rooms filled with said bookshelves and bookcases.

But alas, my rooms were filled to the brim with these physical books and shelves.  I had to part with some of them (library donations) in order to make room for the steady influx of books.

Many of them sit on stacks on coffee tables or on the floor.

Now some of these photos do not reflect the current state of my "stacks," since I've been working away at diminishing them.

But when Christmas came and I unexpectedly received my Kindle—about which I had some ambivalent feelings!—I soon realized that I had the answer to my dilemma.  I could still be surrounded by my physical books without further endangering life and limb with obstacle courses around which to maneuver (which might happen if I keep adding to these stacks!).

Kindle is my new friend!  It is easy to or two clicks, and whispernet does its thing.  Who knew it could be this simple?

Reading on my new Kindle has also turned out to be fun.  I'm still a little nervous about it, though.  Reading in bed could result in accidents, like the Kindle falling to the floor when I nod off (that has happened to my physical books!).

But I am pretty sure that we will find a solution to this one.

Have you encountered the positive experiences of Kindle?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I've had a Kindle for two years and absolutely love it! I do have a "hard" cover for it. The one time I read from it without the cover - I knocked it from the arm of my reading chair with my elbow, it hit the carpet and end table resulting in a cracked screen. I recommend a cover that attaches to the metal clips on the spine of the Kindle. Enjoy!

  2. That sounds like a good idea, Mary. I do have a cover, but it's more of a leather cover....

    Glad you could stop by and share your thoughts....

  3. Congratulations on your Kindle. My hubby bought me a Sony EReader last year, he loves Sony products, and have been debating if I should get a Kindle too. I have been trying to do some research to see if the Kindle has features that the Sony doesn't have and trying to justify having 2 EReaders so am looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on your Kindle.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl. I know nothing of the various brands available, but I'm sure they're probably similar.

    I like Kindle because of the direct connection to Amazon. I sell my own published books on Amazon, and have an author's page and profile page there. It seemed logical.

    I am curious about the features of the others, though....

  5. Cool! I'm getting one in a couple of days for my birthday.

  6. I really wasn't sure I would enjoy it, but I've finished two e-books on it and have about seven books waiting. That feels so cool.

    Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie.

  7. Congrats on getting your Kindle.

    My partner did ask me if I wanted an Ereader for Christmas. I said I wanted to wait a while longer.

    I am still not sure. I do love to hold a book and find my way around it.
    On the other hand, I am starting to get a little more curious about all these Ereaders.
    I want one that I can read in bed that has a backlight, like a laptop.

    My thinking is that I will cave in by Christmas 2011.


  8. If left to my own devices, I still wouldn't have one...I was a bit ambivalent. But I got it for Christmas, and now that I'm using it, I love it. But I won't be giving up "physical" books; this will just be a supplement.

    I think it will help solve the bookshelf issue, but I still have lots of physical books on my stacks, and then there's the library.

    Plus, I'm sure that I'll want the occasional book in print in the future, too.

  9. My positive Kindle experience is that I don't have one! Happy still to receive books in the post or browse the flea-ridden dusty shelves of a Berlin bookshop. Bliss!

  10. Thanks for stopping in, Irish Berliner...I do still love the feel and presence of a physical book!

    However, I'm trying to open my eyes to other experiences...literally. LOL

  11. I was one who said "I will never own and e-reader" and here I am loving the Nook I got for Christmas. I still love paper books but I have had fun finding treasures to put on my Nook. It is scary though how easy it is to purchase a book.

  12. Oh, I know, Beth! It took getting mine for a gift to turn things around. It is scary how easy it is to buy. I just pre-ordered a new release. I tell myself that I would have bought the book, anyway, which would have cost more.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. I love my new Kindle as well, but I haven't taken it into bed with me cuz I have a similar fear...I don't usually fall asleep while I'm reading, but I do tend to just set my books on the other side of the bed when I'm ready to go to sleep. And then sometimes the cat thinks they are a welcome addition to "his side" of the bed. Or the dogs have sometimes nibbled an edge or two. So because I fear for the safety of my Kindle around the animals, I leave it safely on the end table in the living room.

    This is mildly unrelated, but I got my Harry Potter read-along idea all put together in a post today, and wanted to let you know about it. I know you've mentioned maybe reading the series this year, so feel free to pop over and think about it :)

  14. Oh, I had to chuckle about the cats and dogs and their reading adventures!

    Thanks for stopping by, Crystal.

  15. Gosh..I love the piles of books that you have. I am not yet a kindle convert,though going by the state of my shelves,i need to convert as well.Somehow i can never get myself to giveaway the books i have :-)

  16. Ah, yes, Bedazzled...I only recently did a giveaway to the library because when I went searching for more bookshelves, I couldn't find anything in my price range or size that I needed!

    I probably still wouldn't have the Kindle if my daughter hadn't given it to me for Christmas....

    Thanks for stopping by; and secretly, I do love the "disarray" of stacks of books!

  17. That's what won me over to the ereader world too. I just ran out of room!

  18. Alas, Casey, the only way I could increase my shelving would be to have bookshelves up near the ceiling...then I would need library ladders, etc.

    Yes, I think I'm going to enjoy this new experience. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. Congratulations on owning a kindle. I've had my kindle for a year and a half and If I can avoid it I'll probably never read paper again. here are my thoughts about my kindle. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  20. Thanks for stopping by, Kaye...I was still on the fence about the Kindle, so I'm glad my daughter thought to give it to me. Now that I have it, I love it!

    Not that I'll give up on print books, but having the Kindle helps me to deal with the overflowing shelf situation.

  21. I like my Kindle; I don't like being locked into Amazon.

  22. Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation, RAnn. I'm amazed at the discussion this post generated, which is exciting to me!

    I don't know much about the various e-book readers available, but so far, being "limited" to Amazon hasn't been an issue for me. That's where I usually buy books, too.


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